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Business Park King Square
Veldkant 33A
2550 Kontich

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Our team is made up of senior and seasoned professionals. We've seen our fair share of challenges throughout the years and we look forward to helping your company grow.



Koen Vlemincx


With a lifetime career in IT Services and Managed Services management, Koen is a seasoned IT manager able to operationally orchestrate large, multi-disciplinary teams. Koen combines profound IT Service Management skills with exceptional social skills and a pragmatic, action driven, attitude.

Operations management


Peter Hellemans

Managing Partner

By means of long term practice in situational leadership, organizational shifts and cultural change both on a European and global business context, Peter profoundly displays seasoned general management experience in IT Service and Delivery. With cross market insight in both the private and public sector on the BeLux market, he has strategic and architectural insight in the IT ecosystem.

Engagement management