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Our mission & company values

Our team

We are a team of senior ICT delivery executives with a proven track record in the field of ICT Service Delivery Management services.

As such we integrate the services delivered by Cronos Group competence centers and / or the service delivery eco-system of incumbent service providers from our customers.

Our values

Strong will to succeed, yet modest in our approach and above all integrity at its core.

Our activities

With our governance and IT Service Management practices we cope with the strategic, tactical and operational challenges related to the ecosystem outsourcing. Our activity domains cover:

  • Contract & Commercial Management
  • Service & Program Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Management
  • Security & Privacy Management
  • Vision & Architecture Management

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5 challenges for the future

Our vision is to embrace the digital track in the development of our services and focus on 5 challenges for the future.


New Computing paradigms (Cloud, Containerization, Micro-services, …)

With the continuous evolution of computing solutions, the need for continuously adapting service capabilities is vital. Through Cloud computing and other technological evolutions, Managed services are required higher in the application computing stack and continue to expand cross a vast area of expanding technology domains.


Digitalization of “managed services”

The continuous expansion of the ICT ecosystem and the ever increasing speed of change within the ecosystem, human interaction needs to be replaced or at least complemented with digital solutions. These can increase the overall quality of the governance and cope with the sheer volume on incremental challenges, especially in ecosystems that have a continuous delivery model in place.


Continuous expanding and evolving ICT eco-system

With the ever expanding ICT ecosystem, traditional service providers are challenged on their traditional OSI-model oriented service delivery stack. We believe that Next-Generation Service Providers are no longer bound to the traditional computing stack (Network, Storage, Compute, Hypervisor) but will much more offer a service spectrum which can flexibly align with the needs of the customer’s ICT ecosystem. As such, it will also be pivotal that this alignment not only applies to the starting conditions of the customer’s ICT ecosystem, but can evolve with the ecosystem.


Cyber security & Privacy control mechanisms

It’s a given that Cyber security and privacy are here to stay. Security and privacy must be included in the design frameworks of any new environment that will be established. The reality is however, that much more ecosystems exist today which have those parameters not included in their solution frameworks as would be required today. As a result, we believe that it is our duty to support our customers to obtain a well balanced security and privacy situation for their existing ICT ecosystem.


Incremental improvement of cost & services

Although the ICT ecosystems are continuously and rapidly evolving it remains important to continue the incremental service improvement practices on these new ecosystems. We will however need to deploy new mental frameworks to obtain results in these modern environments compared to more “traditional” oriented ICT infrastructure environments.


Our own ecosystem

Due to the strategic impact that eco-system outsourcing engagements have on our customers and the Cloudification of many environments, we have activated 2 specific initiatives within our organization to complement our service offering.

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Cronos DMS

Outsourcing 4.0

As indicated above, within Cronos DMS we position ourselves as the service tray that serves all the different items which have been requested by our customers. Outsourcing and IT Service Management for ICT ecosystems.

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Cloud experts

Next generation, Cloud neutral, service provider and Cloud consultancy services. Specialised in Hybrid Cloud services and consultancy for SMB and enterprise customers. With a focus on the major Public Cloud providers.

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Strategic consulting

Strategic, vendor neutral, consulting services for ICT eco-systems. Pantarh guides customers in their strategic endeavors combining senior broad technological, service and business insights with deep technical expertise in a vast ICT technological eco-system.

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