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Ecosystem outsourcing

In the past years, the traditional IT landscape has changed dramatically. A demand for new operating models is leading companies to embrace the Cloud and new technology domains such as AI, IoT & Serverless computing.

Good and solid partnerships allow your business to be agile and flexible. The challenge is how you will manage your relationships with your outsourcing providers.

That is where Cronos DMS aims to be your trusted service provider. With years of experience in building bridges between different disciplines in the technology domains, we can assist you in a whole range of services.

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Service integration

We ensure the unified service delivery in the ICT eco-system of service providers within and/or beyond the Cronos Group. Within the Cronos group we offer ONE Cronos compound solutions and service delivery. The same services we also offer towards an incumbent set of service providers from our customers.


Governance & compliance

We define and deliver governance & compliancy services as a complementary service to the unified service delivery provided by an eco-system of service providers within or beyond the Cronos Group.


Carefree complexity management

We manage the complexity related with Transitions, Transformations and ongoing service delivery assurance.  We take on (fixed price) endeavors and take the burden related with the risks and complexity of such tracks on our shoulders.


General contractor

We act as general contractor working in close collaboration with a broad set of trusted domain expert centers from within the Cronos Group and beyond.  We contractually manage the (broad) set of supporting domain expert centers with well-defined service catalogs, service level agreements (SLAs) and/or service level objectives (SLOs)

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Broad Business & Technology insight

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With our team we cover the width of the ICT eco-system challenge. We manage and serve the eco-system development and evolution, while we rely on either the in-depth expertise of the competence centers of the Cronos Group or the incumbent service providers of our customers.

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Part of the Cronos Group

The Cronos Group employees 7000 experts, divided into smaller companies each with their own expertise, both technical and creative.

It has always been the mission of Cronos DMS to act as a SPOC for clients that are in need of compound solutions & services or specific staffing for one or more areas of expertise.

This does not mean that our work is exclusively for clients working with Cronos companies. Our mission is to help clients navigate an increasing complex IT landscape, regardless of who their IT outsourcing partners are.