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About us


Koen Vlemincx (Partner)

Operations Management

With a lifetime career in IT Services and Managed Services management, Koen is a seasoned IT manager able to operationally orchestrate large, multi-disciplinary teams. Koen combines profound IT Service Management skills with exceptional social skills and a pragmatic, action driven, attitude.


Damien Demelenne (Partner)

Program Management

Throughout Damien’s career, he has been challenged with a multitude of IT challenges converting / transforming an AS-IS situation into a new state, addressing technology, applications, integrations and business ,service delivery and operational models. Damien has a long standing experience in complex and mission critical IT Project & Program Management, LEAN practices and IT Service Delivery.


Peter Hellemans (Managing Partner)

Engagement Management

Based on a technical and architectural career start, Peter has developed a sound track record as a seasoned general IT Manager in both local and global IT organizations. With a strong interest in the strategic development of IT Services and Solutions, Peter leads the engagement process progressively adopting latest innovations in the IT Service and Solution Eco System.

Digital Managed Services

Today’s IT Managed Services and Outsourcing challenges is less about the Service Level driven management of the IT foundation services, like the data center and the physical components, but much more about the management and integration of the service blocks higher up in the stack.

The continuously expanding ICT Eco System and the mashed integration of an ever increasing number of internal and external services shift the load of the managed services to new ICT domains requiring new fields of expertise and an updated IT Service Delivery model, including new “digital” solutions to cope with the growth, speed of execution and cost optimization.

On the other hand, the expanding ICT Eco System puts new and additional challenges to the governance and compliance of the entire environment, including increased data protection regulations and fiercer cyber security threats.

In Cronos we specifically focus on these new challenges, not being hampered by old school delivery models or inertia forces.

With CRONOS DMS we fully embrace the digital track in the development of our services and focus on 5 challenges for the future.

  1. The progressive adoption of the Public Cloud services and serverless computing solutions on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud & Oracle Cloud
  2. The digitalization of the “Managed Services” through software driven infrastructure, artificial intelligence, DevOps and Service Analytics
  3. The continuous expanding IT eco-system, which demands a growing number of application and integration services
  4. The embedding of cyber security and GDPR control mechanisms in the service offering
  5. The continuous incremental improvement of the costs and services