With our SIAM services we provide the ability to integrate multiple service suppliers into the service delivery for your ICT environment. As a result, we are able to integrate and manage on a continuous basis the services provided by our CRONOS teams, your teams and the teams of other service suppliers.

We also offer this service in a vendor neutral position, where no CRONOS teams are included in the service delivery.

The main goal of our SIAM services is to coordinate internal and external suppliers and their services in a cost efficient way to achieve end to end service levels which set the real business objectives.

The success factor for a good SIAM implementation is heavily dependent on the broad knowledge and experience of the resources performing the SIAM activities. These resources must have sufficient seniority and experience in the operational management of ICT teams and interaction with business representatives. The CRONOS DMS core is founded around these characteristics.

Beside our pure IT operational skills, our business requirement insights and deep understanding of the processes, we’ve strong expertise with the structure of outsourcing contracts and with legal aspects. All this combined with a solid foundation in procurement and supply chain processes.

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